Tile Roofs

The mounting systems for tile roofs consist of aluminium beams and inox parts used to fasten the base on the tiles.

The inox screws offer quick installation and easier placement. The tiles are screwed along with the wooden rafters. The variety in the cable lengths help us elevate the panels from the roof and reduce the temperature by allowing the air pass throught. Also, in cases that the surface is limmited, we can outreach the edges and install the demanded amount of panels.

The inox roof hooks usually demands more time but have the advantage of letting the tiles without screws. They are screwed on the rafters and the tiles are placed over them. Its height can be adjusted in two points, which help to meet the requirements of all type of rooftops.

In case the tiles are placed with cement there is also the solution of inox cables that are fixed in the roof with the help of two incredient resin.

Download the technical catalog with system details