Roof Tops

When we designed the fixed mounting system for houses, our main concern was to meet the needs of the most demanding installations.

The basic part of the mounting system has been made of aluminium frames type U, 3 mm produced by the method of extrusion, and stainless parts (bolts, etc.) required for the assembly. The frames and the components of the mounting systems have the ability to accept any form of panels and dimension: monocrystalline, polycrystalline or Thin film.

There is the possibility of installation in flat or even inclined roofs. Our bases come in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations and has been certified by TÜV HELLAS.

The mounting of the panels can be horizontal, vertical or even a combination of them. Our mounting systems have no restrictions as we have the ability to produce at any dimension the installer or the client orders.

The entire system is designed and developed by the qualified technical personnel of our company, in a way to be assembled and mounted in no time.

Our systems are delivered to the client preassembled and ready for installation.

Download the technical catalog with system details