Field Systems Variable

The adjustable variation monopole system, is a guarantee to your investment as it maximize your profits. The main part consists of a hot-dip galvanized IPE 140 on which the remaining parts, made of aluminium and inox related accessories, are assembled. The fact that we fully manufacture our products allows us to make any necessary configuration, as required by the project, in order to achieve the maximum output of the PV park.

Our products are fully developed and constructed at our factory. So we can adjust all our systems to meet your needs.

We have been certified by TUV HELLAS, after extensive testing and successfully passing the most demanding tests, even in wind pressure that overcomes the EC maximum

Main features: 

  • Mono-pole systems in 16 panel arrays
  • Adjustable Variation (seasonal system, variation can be changed 4 times a year)
  • Ability to splice on any kind of surface
  • Ability to service large volume of orders in short time due to automated production line using high-tech CNC machines
  • The structure can be adjusted according to the needs and the requirements of any project

Download the technical catalog with system details