All frames and parts of our systems

are capable of mounting all types of monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thn film panels.

Main features:

  •  Easy to assemble, fast installation.
  •  Ergonomic transfer as pieces interlock with each other and arrive on bundled.
  •  Adaptation of structures according to your needs and requirements of the project.
  •  Can be installed on plots, industrial roofs and houses.
  •  Ability to service large orders in a short time due to automated production line using high technology machines CNC.
  •  Stocky structure as we use aluminium intersection of 5mm (fields) and 3mm (houses).

Production Factory

All our systems are made at our factory in Athens, Greece.

Our systems have been certified by TUV HELLAS (Certification Number TUV-H 12/150) and fulfills the following regulations:

  • EC9 P1 foe aluminium frames,
  • EC1 P1.4 preEN 1991-1-4:Jan 2004 for windpressure,
  • EC1 – EN1991-1-3:2003 for snow loads,
  • EC8: for earthquake resistance.

Materials Used:

The construction material is aluminium AlMgSi 0.5 (F 22), a material known for its resistance to time under adverse conditions. With the combination of stainless steel screws (A2) and rubber tape, creates the conditions to avoid oxidation.